Can fish give humans diseases?

Image Can fish give humans diseases?  Fish-handler's disease is a nonspecific term that is in the medical and lay literature that describes a disease or syndrome of humans that may occur after handling fish or, in some instances, other aquatic organisms. There are a number of other similar terms that essentially describe the same disease. The disease has so many names because so many different outbreaks have been associated with occupations (fishermen or lobstermen), hobbies (tropical fish tanks, pet shop workers), or water sports (boating, swimming p... Read More

Differences in quality attributes of sand smelt (Atherina hepsetus) fish burger and finger during frozen storage

Image Differences in quality attributes of sand smelt (Atherina hepsetus) fish burger and finger during frozen storage The present investigation has been carried out with the objectives study the effect of frozen storage on quality attributes of fish burger and fingers were made from sand smelt (bassaria) (Atherina hepsetus) with substitution levels from soybean flour and minced potato. Sand smelt has found in Qarun Lake by unaccepted from consumers. The physicochemical and microbiological analysis was carried on raw products immediately after processing and during froz... Read More

Gas Bubble Disease in Fish

Image Gas Bubble Disease in Fish Gas Bubble Disease in Fish Gas bubble disease refers to the development of gases in a fish's bloodstream. This can occur when its aquarium or pond water is supersaturated with gases. Symptoms and Types Gas bubble disease damages the fish's tissue, causing tiny gas bubbles to form in the gills, fins, and eyes of the animal. This tissue damage, if extensive, can even lead to the fish's death.  Causes Fishes are cold-bl... Read More

Ichthyobodo Infection in Fish

Image Fish Lice and Leeches Whether fish live in an aquarium, a pond, or in saltwater, they are at risk for being infected by parasites. Some parasites are particular to the type of water, but one parasite that infects fish living in all three types of water is the protozoan parasite Ichthyobodo.  Reasons for Ichthyobodo infection  The most common instigator of this protozoan parasite infection is stress due to poor sanitary conditions and overcrowding of the aquarium, tank or pond. Stress leads to a weakened... Read More