The Importance of Biomedical Research on Emerging Health Trends


The Importance of Biomedical Research on Emerging Health Trends

Biomedical research is vital for new health supplements because for them to be passed as safe to use, they must meet some standards. It’s not hard to see why—health supplements need to be safe, and we need a full understanding of what they can and can’t do. These findings inevitably drive the direction of emerging health trends.

Why Biomedical Research on Health Supplements is Important

Biomedical research doesn’t just tell us what a product can do and whether it’s safe. It also works to dispel public misconceptions about little known health supplements.

CBD is an excellent example of how biomedical research can affect emerging health trends in this way. Just a few short years ago, CBD was illegal in nearly every state, and today it is legal on a federal level when derived from hemp sources. Its marijuana-born counterpart is also legal in a growing number of select states. According to a recent post on the best CBD oils on iSum, more than 200 CBD oil brands have been born from the legalization fueled by increased funding and research in the medical marijuana and industrial hemp landscape.

This new legality is owed mostly in part to the research that has proven its medicinal uses. Had biomedical CBD research not shown that marijuana and hemp-derived products were not merely ”drugs” to get you ”high” they likely would have never risen from the shadows of these stereotypes to help millions of people worldwide with conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and cancer treatment-related side effects.

Exploring new uses

In the process of verifying and exploring the potential side effects of certain health trends, biomedical research also often finds alternative applications for supplements.

Back to our CBD example, early CBD research was primarily aimed at the ability of CBD to reduce seizures in people with epilepsy. It was a coincidence that some of those patients also saw a reduction in secondary conditions they had, such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Had research not be undergone on the one treatment, the other applications may not have been discovered, or at the least may have taken much longer to be recognized.

Discovering Dosages

It’s great to know something is safe and effective, but it’s also vital to know at what dosages that holds true. Some health supplements are perfectly safe with moderate use, but dangerous at high doses. Others are ineffective at low doses. Biomedical research helps identify how much of a new supplement should and can be taken to optimize results.

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