Blood Groups in Companion Animals


Transfusions in companion animals such as dogs, cats and horses are frequently done in veterinary medicine as life-saving procedures and as part of the treatment protocol of many hematological, coagulation, and immunological disorders.

Companion animals have many blood groups and blood types and some blood typing tests are available for their determination. However, many other blood types are suspected to exist and methods for typing are not always readily available. Studies on new blood type and cross matching methods and on epidemiology of blood groups could improve knowledge of blood groups in companion animals and improve quality of veterinary transfusion therapy.

It is important to understand blood groups. They are involved in the pathogenesis of the acute and delayed immunological transfusion reactions, and in neonatal isoerythrolysis due to incompatibilities between mother and neonate.

Blood typing and cross matching methods with optimal sensitivity and specificity are essential to prevent these pathological conditions, ensure effective transfusion therapy, and limit fading neonate disease and newborn death. Epidemiological study on breeds and different geographical populations are useful to estimate the potential risk of these pathological conditions when confirmatory blood type tests are not available.

This Research Topic gathers original research, reviews and case reports (case reports must describe a novel finding related to blood groups and include extensive investigative documentation) on blood groups in companion animals with special emphasis on the evaluation of already existing or new blood typing and cross match methods, and on epidemiology of blood groups in different breed and geographical population reproduction.

• Original research

• Review (mini review, systematic review, focused review)

• Brief research report

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