Biogas Process Microbiology


Biogas Process Microbiology

Biogas is a renewable energy source and a clean alternative to fossil fuels. Biogas generation occurs in natural environments as well as in engineered man-made systems, such as anaerobic digestion processes, and involves a cascade of reactions catalyzed by complex microbial communities. Understanding the microbial interactions and networks in these communities, as well as their microbial diversity and physiology, is pivotal to better control the biogas generation. Advancing our knowledge on biogas microbiology is relevant for renewable energy production and methane emissions in nature, ultimately impacting environmental quality, cycling of materials and energy, and the transition to sustainable and net zero emissions societies.

This multidisciplinary Research Topic aims to gather research from microbiology, environmental sciences and engineering domains, linking life and technology to shape the future of biogas.

We invite authors to contribute with reviews, mini-reviews or original research articles on biogas microbiology, that address topics including, but not limited to the following:

- Bioenergetics;

- Biotransformations;

- Novel bioprocesses;

- Electromicrobiology;

- Extreme environments;

- Genome-scale modeling;

- Microbial networks.

How we work:

  • After submission, an acknowledgement with manuscript number is sent to the corresponding author within 7 working days.
  • A 21 day window time frame is allotted for peer-review process wherein multiple experts are contacted.
  • Author proof is generated within 7 working days after the acceptance decision.

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