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Journal of Biochemistry & Biotechnology is an open-access journal dedicating the research in the area of biochemistry & biotechnology. We have been publishing the articles which are having updated information on biological science.

The journal delivers a medium for the rapid publication of full-length articles, short communications, case reports on novel and innovative aspects of biochemistry & biotechnology.  The journal will also accept the papers ranging from cell biology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics as well as computer applications of new software concepts which help in building the structure of molecules. The following areas are covered in our journal

  • Molecular biology
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Food biotechnology
  • Biochemical Engineering and Biochemical Techniques
  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics

Journal of Biochemistry & Biotechnology organizes scientific meetings, researches, and investigation in the field of work, collaboration with the national and international scientific communities.  We are delivering the information and clinical, technical & innovative tools to serve the research need of scientists, researchers, scholars across worldwide.

Allied Academics is one of the leading publishers operates a journal portfolio focusing on biomedical, environment, finance and marketing subjects. The main aim is to publish original, peer-reviewed articles following internationally recognized standard editorial guidelines, publication ethics, and production policies. Several authors affiliated to reputed organizations, institutions, government bodies have published their valuable contributions with Allied Academies.

Allied Academics conducting a conference 2nd World Congress on Biochemistry and Enzymology which is going too held in the Netherlands on May 18-19, 2020. The main theme of this conference is Exploring the Prominence of Biochemistry and Enzymology. This conference has different sessions on enzymes are enzyme kinetics, enzymes as drug targets, industrial enzymology, metalloenzymes, glycobiology, molecular biology techniques,  structural biochemistry, Plant & animal biochemistry, cell signaling. The conference is conducting for two days so authors can available this opportunity as a speaker, poster presentation. The conference will also best poster awards and young researchers forum for interacting and sharing the ideas with peers and mentors.

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